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3 Ideas for Better Email Marketing Autoresponders

While a lot of work goes into email marketing, too many companies overlook their autoresponders. Some customers may skim or ignore pre-made messages, but when they contain useful information, they can greatly impact your relationship and shape the way you’re viewed. By using these ideas, you may see better success with your email marketing campaigns, with all the associated benefits that accrues.
Get Personal
We’ve previously touched on the importance of gathering data on customers, and specifically how this applies to email marketing. By using what you’ve collected, you can create personalized messages that will better resonate with customers and potential leads. This also extends to auto-generated emails: they should keep in mind the general demographics of your target (and actual) audience, but make sure to refer to the customer or potential lead by name. Thanking Kyle for subscribing will have a lot more impact than thanking “valued customer.”

As we’ve stated before, there are many third-party services that allow you to personalize these kinds of emails, such as MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, andConstantContact. If you’re already using a third-party service, take some time to see what they have to offer in this area. You might be surprised as the versitility of your platform.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes
If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the digital age, it’s that consumers want to be marketed to– on their own terms. By putting yourself in your potential customer’s shoes, you should be able to get some good ideas about how to best use auto-responders. It can be easy to think that more is better, but too many emails, and either customers will unsubscribe or filter you to spam. Either way, it reduces the efficiency of your email marketing, and leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth.

The best way to tell how much is too much, is to ask yourself when you would want to receive an email. Then, ask yourself what information you’d want that email to contain. If you just purchased an item, you’d probably want a summary of your invoice and an estimated date of delivery. Along with that information, many people wouldn’t be opposed to personalized discounts and promotional information related to their purchase.

On the other hand, a customer would likely get frustrated if every time they logged in, it generated a promotional email. By looking at what you, as a customer, prefer, it’s easy to tell what’s best for your autoresponders.

Reward Loyalty
One benefit of personalized autoresponders is that you can use them to reinforce an already positive image of your company. If someone signs up for your newsletter and their email is already in your customer database, consider thanking them for their service in your welcome email. You can also use autoresponders to handle any rewards programs. This obviously works best with highly personalized emails– again, thanking “valued customers” really doesn’t make people feel valued.

Perhaps the biggest trick in email marketing is to make customers feel like there’s a human on the other end, rather than a robot. This is especially tricky with autoresponders, as the email goes out on an event, rather than is written for a promotion. But by personalizing these emails and making sure to understand what a customer needs and values, you can make it clear that each interaction values them as a person, rather than just a consumer.

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