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3 Email Marketing Tips That Make People Want to Click

The average number of emails that a person sends and receives each day is 121. That makes sifting through an email inbox more of a chore than an enjoyable activity.
The biggest challenge that businesses need to overcome in regards to email marketing is standing out among the clutter marketing emails. You want your recipients to consider your emails to be legitimate, and you also need to give them a reason to want to open your emails.

So how do you send marketing emails that makes people actually want to click? Here are 3 creative and very effective email marketing tips to use with your next campaign:

1. Send out a subscriber anniversary email.
Businesses have long had success with sending out birthday emails to recipients. It’s a great personal touch, and who doesn’t like getting a birthday shout out?

To be a little different, you can slightly modify this strategy and send out a personalized email to a subscriber to celebrate that you’ve been emailing for 365 days now.

You can make this anniversary email humorous and find a way to remind your recipients of the benefits that your emails bring to the relationship.

JetBlue does a phenomenal job with this, and you can’t help but to continue to read through the anniversary email in its entirety. The very clear “Let’s Go” call-to-action button at the end of the email certainly is tempting to click, even if you don’t have any immediate plans to travel.

2. Make your email subscriber feel rewarded.
Capture your recipient’s attention at the beginning of the email by making them feel like they are being rewarded for being loyal to your brand. Try using an exclusive phrase like “be the first to get access”to draw your audience in.

Spotify does this really well by rewarding their customers for being a “top listener.” As you can imagine, this digital music service has a plethora of data about which artists users listen to most, which can be very powerful when promoting concerts for those artists.

When sending these reward emails, Spotify captures the recipient’s attention by making them feel that they are being rewarded for their usage in the very first sentence (bolded large font). Spotify offers these users access to a presale event to purchase tickets to their favorite artist’s concert. They also include a CTA to listen to a new single by the artist on Spotify, which encourages the recipient to continue to actively use the music streaming website.

3. Use a customer’s search behavior on your website to re-engage them.
Are you tracking how visitors to your website are interacting with your pages? This data can be so helpful in driving prospects through your sales funnel, and using this data with your email marketing strategy can help you get positive results.

Amazon is a perfect example of a company that does this well. Have you ever searched for something on Amazon and received a follow-up email a few days later from Amazon that shares some other similar products that you may be interested in? I know I have, and receiving these emails definitely pulls me closer to making the purchase.

With that being said, know what your visitors are searching for on your website, and use this data in your marketing emails to re-engage them with your business.

There are all email personalization tactics that not only help to engage your recipients, but also foster loyalty to your brand. If you give these tactics a try with your next email marketing campaign, you’ll be sure to earn more clicks.

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