3 Tips for Building Your Email Marketing Subscriber List

Social media may be all the buzz when it comes to small business marketing, but you may be surprised to find out that email marketing is still a hugely effective format for selling your product. Year after year marketing professionals report that email marketing remains king of the hill, so it’s vital that you continue to build a dynamic email subscription list that will help to grow your business. Use these three tips to build your small business email marketing campaign
Educate Your Customer
If you truly understand your customer base, then you should be able to offer them information that is relevant and valuable. Your customers can benefit from your expertise and meanwhile, you can benefit by gaining email subscribers. There are a few simple ways to make this happen. One way to gain subscribers is to host a webinar. For example, consider a small bakery that offers specialty health products. The bakery could offer a free webinar that teaches customers how to bake for their gluten-free friends. Attendees will be happy to register for the event and your business will gain subscribers who are probably interested in making future purchases.

Offer Online Giveaways or Deals
Everyone loves free stuff! Giveaways and offers are one guaranteed method for increasing your email subscription list. Point of purchase email registration is one of the most popular ways to add subscribers, but what if your user isn’t quite ready to make a purchase yet? You still want to get them registered and receiving emails. Consider the bakery example once more. Why not try a subscribe form that offers a free small cake with registration? Offering a discount or a free prize upon registration is a great way to build your subscriber list.

Take Advantage of Offline Events
In-store and offline events can be great ways to add contacts to your email list. Think of your tactics as value propositions. Could you host a baking class? Perhaps a group cake-tasting for upcoming brides? You could also consider partnering with local community groups to host events. Even if these events are not money-making in themselves, this is a great way to access new customers and build your small business email marketing list.

One of the most important things to remember when building your small business email marketing campaign is that you must keep your customer in mind. If you actually have something valuable and relevant to offer, then you will be much more likely to build a strong customer base. Try out the tips above to increase the effectiveness of your current efforts.

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